Jasmine green tea is definitely not for me

In life you will find that perception is your own reality. Unless something comes along that changes your perception, or you are willing to consider there may be a different approach or a better outcome, you will stick with your perception.

I’m not immune to it. I still suffer 50 years on from being forced at the age of 6 at school to eat macaroni cheese. My perception is that no matter who cooks it now, it’s going to be horrible. That even includes my favourite chef Tom Kitchin. Thankfully Tom has never served me up mac and cheese; however, he has fed me a lot of food I would never have selected from a menu to eat, including cucumber, cauliflower, artichoke, pumpkin, celeriac and a whole lot more besides. This has changed my perception of those foods and has given me confirmation that perception really is your own reality.

I have carried this into my work, and I spend a lot of time now drilling and digging at people’s perceptions to try and get them to consider there is likely to be an alternative and that we can always learn from others.

For every successful GP federation, Primary Care Network, General Practice, and individual GP, Nurse or wider healthcare professional, there will be others that are struggling. Their perception is likely to be that there is no way out; this is how it is and there is no way for it to be any better. Let’s be clear, all the successful ones will have struggled, failed, tried again, failed again and at some point, had a massive breakthrough.

Newcastle didn’t start on day one with subcontracts from the Foundation Trust, and North Warwickshire took 4 years to get the CCG to commission services directly. The key was they kept going, continued to look for different ways to achieve their goals and they have got there.

It will be the same for the individual GPs who have gone on to develop models of General Practice that work for them and others now want to copy. People like Mark Spencer in Fleetwood and Steve Kell in Larwood and Bawtry. I know both are happy to share what they did, how they did it and the outcomes they achieve. They will still have their bad days, but what is clear is they had a plan, stuck with it and are now in a place they want to be in.

So, where does jasmine green tea fit? It’s the most recent perception broken for me. For those who don’t know me, I am a mad coffee drinker, who now drinks decaffeinated coffee all day because I drink so much of it. The caffeine levels caught up with me two years ago and I had to change. Many people then said try this, try that and try the next thing, rather than just drink coffee all day. My perception got in the way; however, I’ve now overcome it and find green tea, earl grey tea, some fruit teas and now jasmine green tea lovely.

Where does Jasmine Green Tea fit in

It is hard to break our perceptions and get out from under them, but it is possible, and you will find it highly rewarding. Imagine how good life could be if you could break some of those ingrained perceptions that there is no different way? As I recently found out jasmine green tea really is for me.

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