Mapping your local Integrated Care System

Whether a Sales Representative, Healthcare Development Manager, Key Account Manager, Secondary Care Specialist, or part of the Market Access Team, having a detailed understanding of your local Integrated Care System (ICS) is essential.

Below is an example of an ICS; this is one where Sarah and Scott work to support the Primary Care Networks (PCN) and GP Federation, which results in them also working with the ICS. This enables us to provide an unrivaled insight into the reality of working at all levels and across all stakeholders.

The PCNs are the bedrock of any ICS; indeed, without a Foundation Trust (FT) and General Practice, engaged through the PCNs, there can be no ICS. This is why in some parts of the country you won’t be seeing an ICS in development right now. Where there is no FT, they won’t green light the development, for now at least. This is also why ICSs are in often very different stages of maturity at this time, with some being advanced, some literally just forming, and all that lies in between.

Where they are developing, it becomes essential for you to map the structures and then the people leading within these, as well as unearthing those who have influence within the system. This is time well spent, particularly within lockdown, where you can do all of the research online.

The key to this model is that General Practice has come together to form 4 PCNs and they all work with support from the local GP federation, which has been in place for almost 6 years now and has a strong track record of delivery. It holds a subcontract from the hospital for 24 hour ABPM as well as directly commissioned contracts with the CCG for diabetes insulin initiation and titration, ear irrigation, PCN development and support and 24, 48 and 72 hour ECG. It also has a track record of working with the pharmaceutical industry to implement remarkable projects that alleviate workload pressure and positively impact the workforce. If your project doesn’t deliver either of those it will not be considered.

Each month the PCN Clinical Directors and Manager meet with the Board of the GP federation and to that we add the support of the LMC. This ensures one strong and coherent voice within the health economy for General Practice. Everything is agreed within that meeting and people then attend the provider alliance, integrated care provider and ICS meetings to represent the views of General Practice.

Next time, we will share how you can identify the right GP federations and PCNs to work with. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please make contact.

Scott McKenzie is an independent management consultant supporting GP Practices, GP Federations, Primary Care Networks of 30k-50k structure correctly to then deliver high quality patient outcomes with financially viable solutions. Scott is working to support the Pharma, Med Tech and Device Companies better engage and access the NHS. For more information on how we can support you please contact Frances on 0845 388 0302 or email:

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