One Practice, Network, Federation - One Vision

I know many of you are now singing the end of the Queen song One Vision and are looking for fried chicken! I can only apologise; however, there is a point to be made.

When I’m working with individual General Practices, Primary Care Networks and/or GP Federations, my focus is always to support the creation of one practice, network or federation with one vision. For me it’s all about creating one organisation, with one vision and one voice. That one voice is a strong and coherent voice for General Practice within a health economy. Without that you end up with reduced share of voice and the risk of divide and conquer. That becomes a real risk in Networks and Federations, and I have seen many fall foul of this.

My best example of this ethos in action lies in North Warwickshire, where I have worked with Primary Care Warwickshire (PCW) for a day a month for over 5 years. PCW is a GP federation of 23 (of 28) Practices that works with the Primary Care Network Clinical Directors and Managers, the LMC and the Board of Directors for the federation, to create that one vison and one strong and coherent voice for General Practice. They work at different levels based upon what it is they are trying to achieve.

They work as a federation representing their 23 Member Practices and providing services for the entire population within the CCG. These services are sometimes on subcontract from the local Hospital Trust and sometimes directly commissioned by the CCG. They are now negotiating a further subcontract from the Mental Health Trust, where we are planning a swap of work, with some money coming to the Practices as part of this approach. All work PCW is involved with is focused on alleviating workload pressure within the Practices.

They will also work through the Networks, when that’s the right way to work. There is nothing hard and fast, they are flexible, highly collaborative and very much focused on their patients and their practices.

It took time to get here and it wasn’t without its challenges, but with a strong board, a good relationship with the LMC and a focus on demonstrating they could add tremendous value in high quality and consistent service delivery without unwarranted variation, they quickly developed a strong reputation as a provider. That led to subcontracting with the hospital and direct commissioning by the CCG.

The Practices are fully behind their Board of Directors. There are no detractors speaking out of turn or undermining the company and/or Board. If there are issues or concerns from the Practices these are kept within the company and raised with the Board; just as it should be. When approached by anyone about ideas, projects or challenges, the practices refer everyone to “their federation”.

Lastly, the Board has a business plan that it sticks to. They are not distracted by others approaching them with offers. If the offer doesn’t fit the plan they stick with the plan. They also cost everything fully, there are no loss making services and they are not afraid to decline an offer that doesn’t add up.

One company, one vision, one voice. The essential ingredients for success and the place to look first if you are not achieving the outcomes you envisaged.

If you want to develop a business ready at scale provider organisation, Primary Care Network, GP federation, Super Practice, PCH or ICS, or are about to deliver any form of change, and are looking for a model to engage every stakeholder in that change, and would like more information on how Scott McKenzie UK Ltd can help and support you please contact please Frances on 0845 388 0302 or email

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