Workforce, workload and a need to innovate

Within your work, do you position your drug, device or appliance against the current agenda of how by use of such you will positively impact both the workload and workforce by taking an innovative approach to the problem you solve?

The agenda we currently see in the NHS is one based upon an unmanageable workload, which is linked to a workforce crisis, and which consequently requires real innovation to find a solution. This is the focus of our work: how does the proposal we put forward alleviate workload pressure on our client and their teams? If we can’t do that, we won’t propose the project.

Capacity is finite because it is based upon people. A typical clinical session is 3.5 hours in duration. If it’s worked in 10 minute appointments the capacity is 21 patients, if it’s 15 minute appointments, it’s 14 patients, if it’s 20 minutes it’s 10 patients and so on. How will what you are putting forward positively impact that? For example, will they need to see the patient less often, can appointment times be positively affected, will you reduce referral, admission, bed days, have less waste, quicker results, fewer repeat diagnostics, shared results, better patient outcomes, and so on.

The key is how you reengineer your approach to engage positively with this agenda and start to work beyond your molecule and onto the NHS agenda. In order to do that you must start to accept you need to impact the workload and the workforce; without that you will remain on your brand agenda and be much more likely to struggle to gain engagement.

If you are selling to the NHS does your approach address the workload and workforce agenda and if not, is it time for a change in your approach? If you walk through the door to the NHS offering savings and are drawing a blank in terms of outcomes, I am confident I can show you a way to reposition your offer.

Scott McKenzie is an independent management consultant supporting GP Practices, GP Federations, Primary Care Networks of 30k-50k structure correctly to then deliver high quality patient outcomes with financially viable solutions. Scott is working to support the Pharma, Med Tech and Device Companies better engage and access the NHS. For more information on how we can support you please contact Frances on 0845 388 0302 or email

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